Multi Casino Management System.


MCM Systems

MCM Features for Casino & Arcade

The MCM System offers a number of services, terminals and reports for specific purposes.


· Ticket operations – usage of Tickets  both IN and OUT

· Cashless card system (NEW in 2008)

· Player tracking (NEW in 2008)

· Stacker and Hopper management

· Fully Automated Hand Pays – including real-time hand pay request logging, printing of slips, tracking of cash movements

· Real time Monitoring - a monitor terminal to track machine status and exceptions

· Event Tracking – a detailed log of significant events, exceptions and alerts in the operation

· Employee tracking and accounting

· Automatic, scheduled and manually- or event-triggered meter readings

· Browser based interface for installation, user and configuration management

· Browser based machine inventory  management

· Browser based reporting on revenue, events, accounts, exceptions

MCM fully supports cashless ticketing via the latest SAS protocol versions.

Suppress the tedious coin handling and follow the current  trend for tickets. Tickets are rapidly replacing the use of coins and tokens in all the leading Casinos worldwide.

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Handpay requests in casinos are often long and cause delays both for the customer and for the machine occupation.


Usually the customer has to notify a technician, who will come to the machine, check the amount to be paid out, then go to the cage, request the cash and slip, then again walk out to the machine to pay the customer. This can take a long time, and delays of 15 to 20 minutes are normal. Duiring this time, the customer can not leave to go to another machine, and the machine remains locked and can not be played by others.

With the MCM Automated Handpay and Hopper Fill, these delays are dramatically reduced. When the customer hits the payout button, the request appears immediately on the cage terminal, where the slip is printed and passed to the technician together with the money. This reduces the handpay time to about 2 minutes, just the time the for technician  to reach the machine and to pay out.

The Machine Monitor allows the floor manager or the security personnel to continuously watch the machines status. Different colors and code letters on the machines show at a glance if a machine is played, if the door is open, if a handpay is pending and so on.

These Machine Monitors can be installed wherever needed, at strategic points throughout the operation.

The MSMS Backoffice is a “Browser based” Application. This means that there is no installation needed on your office machines. If you have access to the the Backoffice server and an authorized account, you can see your reports and statistics from wherever you are.