Multi Casino Management System.


MCM Systems

Ticketing, automated Handpays,† intelligent Hopper and Stacker management and of course full accounting and reporting with scalable, pluggable System Components and full support of international industry standards...


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The MCM System is based on more than a decade of experience in connecting electronic slot machines for purposes of casino and arcade management, revenue control and employee account tracking.

In itís different versions and combinations it is currently installed in more than 170 arcades and casinos in a dozwn different countries. Due to the pluggable, scalable architecture it is possible to easily add or remove functions and elements to the system, and to adopt the individual installation to a wide range of applications, from smallest arcades to larger casinos with several hundreds of machines.

Being built from the beginning for multisite use, it is possible to connect several sites to centralized servers which again can be consolidated on higher levels, thus effectively offering a true multilevel tree-like structure.

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